Tango Aarhus har inviteret tango DJ Ieva fra Riga til at spille til årets sommer milonga hele aftenen. Alle er velkomne.
Entré :
medlem / ikke medlem af foreningen
80kr. / 100 kr.
kl. 19.30-23.55. Dørene åbner 10 minutter før.
Der bliver serveret en let natmad i løbet af aftenen.
Om aftenens DJ: “Ieva started to Dj in 2008. All these years she have played in the local milongas, for almost 13 years is running her own regular milonga and playing regularly there music, as well as she has been Dj in tango events in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, Sweden, France, Russia and Belarus. As a Dj Ieva plays traditional music – mostly tango of 1930-ties and 1940 – ties and also some little older or little newer tandas. When Dj-ing she tries to create smooth flow of music – all her tandas and cortinas makes one united story of the milonga. She tries to connect with the dancers on the dance floor, feel their energy and mood to offer them pleasant, danceable, interesting and energetically charging music with a slight sentimental touch.”